Turning Your Executives & Team Leaders into Powerful Presenters who confidently deliver pitch perfect presentations

There are 15 steps in total to help you improve your public speaking which you will see on this step by step success plan - download your PDF copy and watch the 3 videos to take you through each of these 15 steps in more detail so you can start applying these in your next presentation.

We Can Help You With

Public Speaking

Whether it is getting on stage, pitching to a capital venture partner or facilitating virtual conference, we will ensure you have the tools to feel confident and in control.

Story Telling

This is an invaluable tool for drawing out engagement , building rapport and even selling in a way that feels genuine and fun.

Soft Skills

Strong soft skills ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment, all vital attributes for organisations in an increasingly competitive world.

Speaking Styles has helped businesses and people like you with Public Speaking and Soft Skills.

From The Founder

I believe everyone has a voice and story to share, with the right nurturing and supportive environment you to can be seen, heard and understood. To create an impact and ripple effect in the world.

My Vision is to Empower, Inspire and Transform woman’s confidence with speaking.

My Mission is to empowering upcoming leaders of tomorrow through transformation. To bring out their heart and authenticity as a speaker and communicator.

Melanie Wood

Looking to Lead Your Team & Executives into the Corporate Leaders of Tomorrow?

Client Review

1 day Women’s Professional Speaking Workshop

women workshop

“Melanie’s 1-day workshop was fantastic. I gained an understanding of the importance of sharing my story, my WHY.

I learnt that it’s OK to share some emotion and in doing so, has a greater impact on my audience, enabling me to connect with my audience on a deeper level. Melanie’s course was well organised and structured.

I feel more confident about creating engaging presentations and highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills.”

1 day Women’s Professional Speaking Workshop