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Do you struggle with your communication and getting your voice heard? 

Do you have increased anxiety and fear at the thought of speaking in front of people?

Do networking events make you want to stay at home? 

Are your teams struggling to work collaboratively? 

Are your customers being put off with lack of communication in your business? 

Are you struggling in team meetings and around the workplace to be taken seriously?


We work with Blue Chip Companies, Government organisations, Private Organisations and passionate for Growth Small Businesses. 


We work with CEO’s Managers, Leaders and individuals passionate for Growth to become a Pro Communicator.  


Strong soft skills ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment, all vital attributes for organisations in an increasingly competitive world.


Anxiety is not fun. Don’t be held back.

You are worth more



We provide expert and tailored 1:1 support to help you become a Pro Communicator.

We will EMPOWER you to:

  • Build your confidence to be a great speaker, just as you are.
  • Reduce nerves and anxiety.
  • Speak up effectively in meetings, networking events and groups.
  • Communicate effectively in person and virtually to retain clients.

Don’t be held back, You are worth more. Start today!


We provide expert and tailored 1:1 support to help you become a Pro Communicator.

We will EMPOWER you to:

  • Build your confidence to be a great speaker, just as you are.
  • Reduce nerves and anxiety.
  • Speak up effectively in meetings, networking events.

Don’t be held back, You are worth more. Start today!


We provide expert and tailored 1:1 support to help you become a Pro Communicator.

We will EMPOWER you to:

  • Build your confidence to be a great speaker, just as you are.
  • Reduce nerves and anxiety.
  • Speak up effectively in meetings, networking events.

Don’t be held back, You are worth more. Start today!


Disengaged teams are not fun. Don’t be held back.

You and your team are designed for more.

Business Growth Programs

1. Soft Skills Program

Stage 1 - Social and Interpersonal Skills

We will EMPOWER your team with effective communication skills to:

  • Develop skills to talk and work with all types of people, including managers, coworkers, and customers.
  • Develop effective communication to cooperate with others and have a great attitude.
  • Develop and Maintain Relationships within your business, team and customers.

Are you ready to EMPOWER your Team with Effective Communication Skills?

Stage 2 - Collaboration and Conflict Management

We will EMPOWER your Team to CHANGE with:

  • Toolkits for successful conversations
  • Frameworks for the difficult conversations
  • Changes to behaviours towards conflict.
  • Engage your team to collaborate

Are you ready to EMPOWER your TEAM to CHANGE?

Stage 3 - Creative Thinking and Innovation

We will INSPIRE your team to:

  • Increase creativity and innovation in the business to increase revenue.
  • Develop creative techniques and encouraging creativity in a team to engage productively.
  • Individual creativity and how to get creative
  • Developing the right environment for creativity

Are you ready to INSPIRE your TEAM?

2. Building Emergent Leaders Program

Stage 4 - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

We will EMPOWER your team to:

  • Learn to lead and improve individual performance, resulting in better outcomes in a range of areas within your business.
  • Learn how emotions influence thinking, behaviour, performance, decision-making and results.
  • The business impact of Emotional Intelligence

Are you ready to EMPOWER your team today?

Stage 5 - Fostering Positive Relationships

We will EMPOWER and INSPIRE your team with Communication to:

  • Understand how building relationships can help you develop your business base.
  • Tools to focus on your customer
  • How to win friends and influence people
  • Identify the key elements in strong working relationships
  • Learn how to apply communication techniques to build your network.

Are you ready to EMPOWER your team with communication?

Stage 6 -Embracing Change

We will EMPOWER your TEAM for any CHANGE in the BUSINESS with:

  • How to respond to change and implementing strategies.
  • Identifying the cost and benefit to the Business.
  • Planning for change Empowering your employees
  • Building resiliency in teams for a change.

Are you ready to implement CHANGES?

Presentation Workshop

We will EMPOWER and INSPIRE you and your team to:

  • Build your confidence to be a great speaker, just as you are and reduce anxiety/fear.
  • Learn storytelling strategies & presentation structure for successful outcomes.
  • Learn how to use your body and gestures effectively to connect with your audience.
  • How you make an impact, deliver talks & presentations to add value.
  • How to develop confidence in front of the camera.

Are you ready to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, CHANGE?

Full Day Workshops

We will EMPOWER your teams to take action with CHANGED behaviours to:

  • Improve communication skills.
  • Gain expert knowledge and renew motivation and confidence.
  • Learn in a safe and interactive environment
  • Learn practical strategies and techniques to implement into real-life workplace situations.

Are you ready to EMPOWER, INSPIRE and CHANGE your teams for future success?

All workshops featured on the website can be tailored to a full day workshop.

Contact us today for a FREE full-day workshop quote now!

Group Mentoring Sessions

We will EMPOWER and INSPIRE teams with group Coaching/Mentoring Sessions to:

  • Increase employee engagement and communication skills.
  • Increase the retention of top talent within the organisation.
  • Empowering emerging culturally diverse leaders.
  • Develop Resilience and Interpersonal Effectiveness.
  • Enhance self-awareness.
  • Improve the ability to influence and negotiate.

Are you ready to EMPOWER your teams today?

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If you use words to communicate with others, you need Speaking Styles.


Rio Tinto Soft Skills Training Session

Business Testimony

“Melanie was fantastic, very warm and engaging. Definitely helped me with my communication, negotiation skills and how to build stronger relationships.” AK

Great workshop that tailored exercises to be directly useful in the workplace situations. BE

Great friendly presenter with activities that are great and practical to the workplace with relevancy to my role” Team Member

“How to deal with conflict, hard situations, negotiation skills. More training would be great” Team Member

Seabreeze Servo & Takeaway Team Training

“Inclusive of all staff,  allowed everyone to interact and work together. Learned how to deal with my own and customers perspectives.” SLK

“Enjoyed the training Melanie is easy to listen to. It was fun and educational to put into practice in my work role” Team Member. AB

“Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as being a partly new I felt I could bond with the staff team. I learnt a lot on how to improve in areas in my role at work” TB

Storytelling on Social Media Workshop Testimony

The Art of Storytelling on Social Media Workshop

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop today!!! From the bottom of my heart, it was amazing. I honestly didn’t think I would get so much out of it!!!! I can’t put it all into words. It was amazing. Everything with me comes from the heart. I’m not good at working any other way. You got people to connect to their hearts with regards to what they wanted to say. It was ethical and holistic. I absolutely loved it. Well done. That was so positive. You’re changing the world” KJ

Unleashed Hair and Boutique.

Business Testimony

I contacted Melanie to book a team session to help with confidence and speaking skills and strategies for our upcoming Unleashed Hair Show. The team all got so much out of it, for both our personal and professional development. The right and helpful strategies to help on the day. From the session we had the following skills on the night: confidence, breathing techniques, structure, clarity and how to be authentically ourselves. Which helped make the show a great success having the skills needed, and the amazing feedback from the audience. We would highly recommend Melanie and her services.” Aliesha Smith – Owner of Unleashed Hair and Boutique.

CQ Nutrition

Business Testimony

“As an employer, this session is extremely beneficial for staff” Melanie conducted an amazing session with useful examples to support me and my team with providing a customer service experience session” Stacey Hughes – Owner of CQ Nutrition

Artisan Florals

Business Testimony

We recently engaged Melanie for one on one speaking sessions with our staff in a retail setting to increase confidence and communication skills. I am absolutely happy with how training went last week, I could see improvements that afternoon. I am confident that your assistance is going to be helpful to employees and business. Melanie has done wonders with the staff and highly recommend her to small businesses and organisations. Melanie has been absolutely fantastic and we saw improvement even after the first session. We would highly recommend her. Thanks Melanie!” Shannon Hawke – Owner of Artisan Florals

Public Speaking Coaching

Client Testimonial

“I contacted Melanie to increase my public Speaking confidence and skills. As part of my job and business. I attended Melanie’s first workshop in Feb and learnt a lot of great practical tips to use. I also took advantage of her special offer for the 30 day speaker styles program which I highly recommend to anyone looking to do more public speaking. I have gained the practical skills to begin my journey to increased confidence, communication skills to deliver my message and help others in the Health and Wellness industry. Melanie is very multi-skilled, she’s surpassed my expectations of the course and I’m now starting to accomplish skills I earlier had not even thought of 🙂 I am continuing to work with Melanie as I have seen the benefits she offers with her Speaking Styles Program. Thank you Mel xx” Melissa Tuxworth

Public Speaking Coaching

Client Testimonial

 “I have completed Melanie’s Level 1 and 2 Speaker Ready Workshops. I have also been working on Melanie’s Coaching Program with one on one support. I have found Melanie’s approach professional and encouraging. I came to work with Melanie to increase my confidence and speaking skills to create workshops to Empower young Women. Since working with Melanie my confidence and communication skills have greatly increased. I now have an abundance of practical strategies and techniques to share my message. I have now created the programs with Melanie’s guidance and ready to start empowering young women with my upcoming workshops. I would highly recommend Melanie’s services to take your life and business to the next level. Since working with Melanie my first Project Empowerment workshop for young women sold out and was a great success, with great feedback. I am now organising my 2-day workshop to empower more young women. Thank you, Melanie, couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, Melanie.” Jo Richards

Public Speaking Coaching

Client Testimonial

“I contacted Melanie to help me with Facebook lives for my business. I liked Melanie’s Speaker Ready Program for the personalised support in a safe environment. Melanie gave me the strategies and techniques needed to increase my confidence and structure on camera. Melanie has helped me use my personality with public speaking and on videos for my business. I now feel more confident in delivering my message on live videos and in person. Would highly recommend Melanie’s service’s. A big Thank you Melanie.” Natalie Gesler from @Real Estate, Yeppoon

Public Speaking Coaching

Client/Business Testimonial

“I contacted Melanie, initially, as my work involves a lot of public speaking, both in large and small crowds. I have struggled with a lifelong fear of being ‘in the spotlight’, so this aspect of my work was never comfortable for me. Not only did Melanie simplify things in my initial session with her, by identifying the exact situation that brought about this fear! Something I had never managed to do, but in my following sessions was able to give me simple and easy to implement strategies that increased my ability to relate to different audiences, and hold them while delivering my message. My confidence has increased enough for me to now be excited about booking to advance my skills in order for me to fulfill a long held ambition, which has always seemed out of reach for me with my public speaking fear. I encourage anyone who is wishing to develop their ability to impart knowledge or messages, through speaking, to call Melanie. You will find her down to earth, straight talking, and nurturing approach to be beneficial in bringing you forward, both with confidence and professionalism. Thank you Melanie and I look forward to working with you further.” Kerri Ann Owner of CQ Coastal Complementary Healing Therapies

Public Speaking Coaching

Client Testimonial

“Melanie helped me realise being nervous about public speaking is normal… it’s not just me! And that the fear can be overcome! She is so relatable and approachable! I’d highly recommend her!” Jaimee Bateman




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