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Speaking Styles has a range of programs to help you take your speaking skills from casual to structured and polished allowing you to showcase your unique branding in a way that is authentic and crowd pleasing.

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The Communication Community with Melanie Wood

With a focus on Community, Communication & Confidence, by being part of this community you will improve yourself in life, the workplace or in business – you will have the ability to step up, step out and SPEAK with clarity and confidence.

1 on 1 Coaching With Melanie Wood

Find your true authentic self and speak from a place of power and confidence. Let Melanie Wood show you how so that you can build the like, know and trust factor with your ideal market.

The 3 C's of Storytelling Your Business

Then this course is for you to develop and learn The 3 C’s of Storytelling Your Business with proven structures to speak with Clarity and Confidence with storytelling and communication

Story Telling Workshops for Corporate Selling

Learn how to communicate how your organisation works so you can keep the personal aspect while maintaining a corporate identity.

We are a Brisbane based company, Servicing Australia, UK and a Global reach.

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We work with CEO’s Managers, Leaders and individuals passionate for Growth to become a Pro Communicator.

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Strong soft skills ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment, all vital attributes for organisations in an increasingly competitive world.

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We work with Blue Chip Companies, Government organisations, Private Organisations and passionate for Growth Small Businesses.

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What Other Companies are Saying about Speaking Styles

Melanie tailored exercises to be directly useful in workplace situations

“Melanie was fantastic, very warm and engaging. Definitely helped me with my communication, negotiation skills and how to build stronger relationships.” Rio Tinto Team Member

“A great workshop that tailored exercises to be directly useful in workplace situations.” Rio Tinto – Team Member

“Great friendly presenter with activities that are great and practical to the workplace with relevancy to my role” Rio Tinto -Team Member

“How to deal with conflict, hard situations, negotiation skills. More training would be great” Rio Tinto Team Member

Team Members regarding group workshop on managing conflict and negotiation

Melanie has given incredible adivce and I now have two workshops arranged

“As my experience and knowledge have grown, I always liked the idea of doing a workshop but didn’t have the confidence or motivation to do it.

The sessions with Melanie have been truly inspiring, and with her help, we have worked through content, Melanie has given me incredible advice on public speaking and I now have two workshops arranged, which, rather than being nervous about, I’m actually really excited about.

If it hadn’t been for Melanie, I would have kept putting it off and would probably never have got round to it.

Melanie is great at what she does and I’ll be continuing to use her services for the foreseeable future.”

Lyndsey McLaughlin
Director, Recruit Write